Oops. I’ve been breaking short-form article rules.

That’s what I get for reading the “how to” article in the Meijer parking lot. My main takeaway: 150 words. Cool, I can do that. Easy peasy.

Wrong. Medium has outlined rules for short-form. Or guidelines. You can’t use title, subtitle, or picture format you’ve been brainwashed to use.

It’s weird. I don’t get it. I have questions.

Who made these rules? Why do I need to follow them? Why can’t the shorties have awesome titles and subtitles too? Why bother giving guidelines if they still haven’t figured out how to distribute them?

Maybe it affects the way they appear in the elusive Medium feed? Time will tell.

I’m feeling feisty, so I’m going to drop one of my not really short-form because Medium said that’s what I’m supposed to do.

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