I share the same concerns. I’ve been using the beta. New writers will need to publish in publications and then when followers go into those publications they may discover you and then check out your other work. I think once someone clicks your article it seems easier to see other works of yours. Also the article preview offers more to see if you want to read it. I do notice I’m reading more of the authors I follow. So it’s better reading experience. Not sure on the effects of new writers though.

Positive: I’m not a drowned by listicles on how to make money on Medium anymore! My feed was overwhelmed and I didn’t like it as a reader.

Also, I got a top writer email on Friday (yeah!) but I’m not sure if that does the same anymore. So not sure it matters? I’ll have to wait and see.

I follow you though and have read more of your stuff in the new view! So it’s working in that respect.

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