Do You Write Poetry? Join Me and Compete for Cash and Prizes

Adrienne Parkhurst
2 min readSep 28, 2023

Writer’s Digest Poetry Contest Early Bird Deadline 10/2/23

Last year, I challenged myself to take more risks with my writing. Specifically, I have started to submit pieces to large publications, and I’m opening myself up to the inevitable rejection process.

Poetry scares me…or at least “highbrow poetry” intimidates me. But, I’m learning to embrace my simple approach to poetry and throwing my hat into the proverbial ring.

Writer’s Digest Poetry winners will be notified by 12/31/23.

Non-winners won’t receive any communication, but if we haven’t heard back after singing in the New Year, it’s safe to assume we didn’t win.

If you submit by October 2nd, the submission rate is $20, with additional entries discounted to $15. After this deadline, the price increases by $5, and the final submission cut-off is 11/1/23.

Also, only text is allowed. No images.

This competition is open to previously published poetry on blogs, including Medium.

I revised two of my previously published poems to meet the 32-line or less criteria. The original poems were published in Medium publications over a year ago, and I shortened the length of the poems almost by half.

If one of my poems gets selected, I’ll double-check the Medium guidelines so there aren’t duplications of material. Although I made some significant changes to the original pieces, I’ll still contact the editors and let them know. And if my poems don’t get chosen, it’s a moot point!

I worry my submissions might be too rhyme-y, and I had to ‘kill some darlings’ to stay within the line limits.

But, these pieces tell emotional stories, and I enjoy that type of poetry, so maybe others will too.

At the least, I’m practicing courage by putting myself out there and contributing to other writers’ (maybe you!) wallets.

Let me know if you submit your poems and if they get selected. Good luck!



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