I need to let my kids feel negative emotions, but I suck at it.

A small frog sitting on a rock looking away from the screen.
A small frog sitting on a rock looking away from the screen.

I dropped three pellets into Mario’s small tank and leaned down to watch him leap up to the water’s surface. But, instead of finding an amphibian nipping at his food, I found a dead one.

Oh no, not again. Bloated tummy. Still arms and legs floating to the rhythm of the aquarium.

Now, they’re both gone.

My son wailed when Luigi died.

Mario’s brother, Luigi, died last Spring. It took my 5-year-old son a week to bury Luigi. Each day, I reminded my son of the little corpse wrapped in a paper towel. His eyes filled with tears and I retreated. “It’s okay Sweetie. …

Thanks to Katie Michaelson, I’m having a ball with short-form. I started writing on Medium last July. I hemmed and hawed over every posting. I wanted 100% distribution (ha!) and took myself way too seriously. As a result, I was lucky to publish three posts a month.

I needed to shake things up and get over myself. Thanks to Katie Michaelson, my “Medium Muse, ” I tripled my posts.

We met through Ninja Writers and I love her writing. Check her out if you haven’t yet. Katie writes about gardening, a spunky retiree named Matilda, and her writing journey.

She started a new publication The Daily Cuppa and invited me along, where I write with Adrienne Beaumont. Beautiful name, huh? I thought so.

Thank you Katie, I’m happy to share a daily cuppa cyber tea with you! Let’s rock this short-form world!

Get my kick-butt daily routine here.

Oops. I’ve been breaking short-form article rules.

That’s what I get for reading the “how to” article in the Meijer parking lot. My main takeaway: 150 words. Cool, I can…

Adrienne Parkhurst

I’m passionate about personal and professional leadership. I write about lessons learned from managing teams (and myself) for 20+ years.

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