OMG…I missed my doctor’s appointment!

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Big deal. Happens to all of us, right?

Hmmm…well, it seems to happen to more of us than others.

I screwed up and didn’t record it on our family calendar, create an Outlook event, nor use a handy dandy post-it.

But, I’m not sure those…



Midwestern weather teaches you to be flexible and grateful.

American Robin’s nest with four bright blue eggs nestled in a bush with pink flowers.
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You can don a fleece hoodie at 8 a.m. and need to shed it for a tank top by noon.

You learn to keep gloves and sunscreen in your car at all times…you could need both in the same day.




These pink shoes haunt me.

Pink Jefferson Native shoes, slip ons with white bottom sole.
The shoes my son wanted

My 5-year-old son loved all things pink.

He loved Skye, the pink-clad girl dog, from Paw Patrol. He slept with a pink plush tiger and Jigglypuff remains his favorite Pokémon.

My husband and I had always encouraged his individuality. Then, he started Kindergarten.

My son…



It took me two years to find my niche.

Close up of bronze skeleton key with manila-colored background
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Until recently, fear kept me from pursuing writing as a career or side gig.

Then it all changed.

One day I came across a blog about Medium and decided to give it a try.

Later, I joined a phenomenal writers’ group



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